Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Small Business Success Story - Fivesky

Each year the New York Small Business Development Center recognizes outstanding small businesses in a variety of ways.  This Success Story from the  Columbia-Harlem SBDC  appears in our 2015 Annual Report

Reza Pourkhomami
Columbia-Harlem SBDC

Fivesky’s Managing Member Reza Pourkhomami found the Columbia Harlem SBDC by doing a Google search. When Reza first consulted the SBDC, his company was in startup mode, and he sought assistance with access to capital, business planning, and development of financial projections. Advisor Glamis Haro was impressed by the fact that he had already planned his business mentally. Reza put his plan on paper and started using it as a tool for management.

During his second year, he obtained a loan in the amount of $250k to expand the staff of the company . Fivesky currently has 20 employees, and has expanded to Canada and Europe. Fivesky designs, deploys, and maintains advanced technologies to help customers achieve operational excellence at substantial savings. Fivesky helps busineses add value at every step by providing enhanced access to inventory, streamlined credit, integration with procurement and real time status information.

 The company’s commitment to excellence has earned Fivesky a sterling reputation in the industry after only a few short years in business. The company offers world-class procurement services at affordable prices, and has continually demonstrated an unwavering commitment to customer service, which has made the Fivesky stand out. In 2015, Reza was named New York Circle of Excellence Finalist by the Smart CEO magazine. Reza’s excellence mantra: 

“The concept of ‘the perfect time’ is a myth. Work hard, start now, and you’ll find yourself in a different place than where you started.” 

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