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WannaCry: What can you do to protect your business?

WannaCry: What can you do to protect your business?

  • 19 May 2017
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There's been a lot in the news over the past week or two about the WannaCry cyber-attacks and what companies, in particular, are doing about the risk.

 As well as keeping antivirus, firewall, application and OS software up-to-date, backing up key data regularly to offline hard drives should be a top priority, most cyber experts agree.
This is because data breaches and cyber-attacks are inevitable these days.
The bad news is that the average cost of a data breach globally stands at $4m (£3.1m), according to SailPoint, an identity management firm.
This article from the BBC discusses what attacks mean for business and what steps can be taken. 

And this from Department of Homeland Security for what to do before, during and after:
Cyber Incident ...
·        Disconnect your device (computer, gaming system, tablet, etc.) from the Internet. By removing the Internet connection, you prevent malicious actors from being able to access your computer and perform tasks such as locating personal data, manipulating or deleting files, or using your device to harm others.

·        If you have anti-virus software installed on your computer, update the virus definitions (if possible), and perform a manual scan of your entire system. Install all of the appropriate patches to fix known vulnerabilities.

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