Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Shoppers Say They're Self-Sufficient

Obtained From: eMarketer

A recent HRC Retail Advisory survey of consumers in North America found that nearly all respondents (95%) only want help from a sales associate when they need it. Therein lies the issue—how to balance shoppers’ need for self-sufficiency with in-store tech investments meant to help staff on the front lines?
More than half (53%) of consumers surveyed ranked the in-store experience as the most important factor while shopping, but what does that exactly mean? A good number of respondents (30%) said mobile checkout was important to them, and almost as many thought apps that would make personalized recommendations were as well. But sales associates who served this same function were less desirable, cited by just 17%. 
A separate survey of US internet users by Zebra Technologies discovered that the younger the consumer, the more likely they are to be receptive to sales associates using tech for assistance. Indeed, 58% of respondents ages 20 to 36 thought this would make for a better in-store experience, while only 36% of those ages 53 to 71 agreed. 

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