Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Direct Mail Success
Four Ways to Raise Direct Mail Response Rates
by Tony Attwood
February 7, 2006
"About 90% of the direct mail I see uses one of two copywriting techniques. In my view, neither works. The truth is there are only four ways of writing a direct mail ad that will raise your response rate. Here they are. "
Business Know-How®
Q & A Mail Response Rates?
by Janet Attard
"Mail response rates vary greatly. They are influenced by who you send the mailing to, what you say in your letter, whether or not you are reaching the right person, when the letter arrives, and the phase of the moon."

Direct Marketing Association
DMA 2005 Response Rate Report
“Hailed as the most exciting research DMA has ever produced, this landmark report delivers response rate benchmarks specific to your marketing campaigns. Compare media, costs, response rates and ROI.”

Microsoft Small Business Center
Direct-mail tips for sophisticated marketers By Joanna L. Krotz
“Now more than ever, you need serious smarts and meticulous planning to develop a successful direct-mail campaign.”
Open More Doors with Dimensional Mail
September 12, 2005
“Want high response rates on a budget? Reach your top business-to-business prospects with dimensional, direct-mail pieces.”

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