Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Podunk: a term for a quintessential "jerkwater town".

E-Podunk, though, is a great website when trying to find information about places all over the country, including, but hardly limited to, Podunk, NY. One can find a list of attractions, communities, media, cemeteries, and much more, within a certain radius of the town. It provides links to sources of businesses, Census data, weather and much more.

The community information is useful, especially gathered, as it is, in one place, though one could find the data in various locations. However, the religion by county data is not readily available in most sources.

They've provided studies of the most liberal place in each state (for NY, Ithaca), best home town (Batavia), highest coffee quotient (Westbury). Single women should move to Wyoming County, single men to the Bronx.

The item I'll likely use the most, however, is the ancestry section, which delineates the places with the greatest concentration of peoples of different ancestry. Haverstraw is 26.95% Dominican; the town of Kiantone is 21.8% Swedish; Montauk is 9.53% Columbian; Manhasset Hills, Herricks, Garden City Park and Searingtown are all over 12% Asian Indian.

A great source, and many thanks to Angel Roman, director of the Boricua SBDC in Brooklyn, for pointing it out.


Roger Owen Green said...

the link to the religion section has changed the individual URLs. The main source for religion by county is at http://www.thearda.com/mapsReports/

Roger Owen Green said...

I pointed out the change to the religion URL, and they replied: "Actually, we were able to fix it with a couple quick programming changes. We knew there was a change in the URL structure that was about to happen, but we weren't sure when it was going to take effect. Thanks so much for pointing it out. Please let us know if you have any further problems." VERY responsive!