Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Census Ranking Tables

Ranking tables are charts that rank states, counties and places by a variety of criteria. Some examples are the percent of:
  • People 65 Years and Over With a Disability
  • Households That are Married-Couple Families With Own Children
  • People Who Have Completed a Bachelor's Degree
  • Civilian Employed People in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Occupied Housing Units That are Owner-occupied
  • Occupied Housing Units That Were Moved into in 2000 or Later
  • Households With Retirement Income
  • People Who Lived in a Different House 1 Year Ago
  • People Born in Asia
  • Children Below Poverty Level
  • People Who are White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino
  • Married-Couple Families With Both Husband and Wife in the Labor Force
  • Workers Who Traveled to Work by Public Transportation
  • Civilian Population Who are Veterans

    You can find this information on the Census page.
  • Go to American FactFinder
  • Click on Data Sets
  • Select 2004 American Communities Survey
  • This will generate a pulldown menu, from which you should pick Ranking Tables

    A couple notes: the 2004 ACS covers only places with 250,000 or more people. Future surveys will cover smaller geographies.

    Here's the Census press release on the topic from last month:

    Carolinas Lead in Mobile Homes

    South Carolina leads the nation in the percentage of houses that are mobile homes (18.8 percent), followed by North Carolina (16.8), New Mexico (16.6), and West Virginia (16.0). At the bottom of the list are Hawaii (0.2), New Jersey (0.9), Rhode Island (1.0), and Massachusetts (1.0). The information comes from the 2004 American Community Survey available in American FactFinder.

    Among cities of 250,000 or more people, Mesa, Arizona leads the way in percentage of mobile homes at 12.3 percent, with Tucson next at 7.7 percent. Among counties of 250,000 or more, three in Florida head the list: Polk (28.4), Pasco (27.6), and Lake (24.8). Hidalgo County, Texas (22.5) and Manatee County, Florida (19.0) round out the top five.

    You can find this table by coming to FactFinder, selecting "get data" under American Community Survey, and then selecting "Ranking Tables." You'll find an extensive list of tables with rankings on many subjects for states, counties, and places.
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