Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Phone problems

We have discovered that when you call the SBDC offices and you use some of the menu items, they may not work the first time. For instance, when you dial my extension, or the Research Network's, you may get a message suggesting that it is an invalid extension; it is not. You may experience a similar problem when using the name menu.
I recommend dialing the same extension number again, or try the name menu again.
Our technical support people are aware of the problem and are trying to identify the cause.


Darrin Conroy said...

Per Brian Goldstein, the phone problems we've been experience ought to be have taken care of yesterday (3/16). If you're still experiencing difficulties accessing the Research Network (or anyone at Central), drop us an e-mail at sbdcrn@nyssbdc.org

Frances Carner said...

Also, if you get a message that says we are closed and it's during working hours, we are not, just hit "O" to speak to an operator.