Monday, March 13, 2006

Tech-Based Economic Development Resource Center

Mary Hoffman pointed out to me recently the Tech-Based Economic Development Resource Center. This Web site features a searchable database collection of 3,700 reports, written by government, industry, foundation and private sources on a wide variety of subjects.

These subjects include entrepreneurship, small business, manufacturing, information technology, and several others. You can search by topic, geography of origin, date of publication, author, and/or keyword. You can combine these fields in a search to find more precise content (for instance, a search combining "New York" and "small business" yields a 2002 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York called "Small Business: Big Challenge - A Survey of Small Firms in Upstate New York"). Links to the Web site of the original report are provided.

This is a handy tool when doing prep work for legislative visiting/testifying, or preparing responses to RFPs, or the many other policy-driven aspects of our work.

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