Thursday, October 12, 2006

Art Marketing

I have the feeling that I have visited this topic before, but as I am working on a related enquiry, here is a very short list of sources for artist clients to help them get in-the-know:
A venue for posting portfolios, searching for artist opportunities, book titles, and advice.
A daily newspaper to check up on what’s going on, who’s doing what, with reviews of artists, galleries and museums from around the world. It has a good long list of artists, exhibition listings, art fairs and other artist and art lover’s resources.
Offers the “Art Clock”, a listing of shows around the world. Features include: Artist News, American Arts, Artists Guide, which is a listing of artist’s resources like movers, journals, insurance, galleries and cooperatives.
For our purposes, this is quite a good site because it offers articles on so many issues that face working artists. Some favorite titles are:
How Not to Succeed in the Art World
I Can't Sell Art Because I'm Not Dead and the Media Are Idiots
Sell Your Art Successfully at Online Auctions
How to Set and Raise Selling Prices
When Your Art Sells, But You Don't Own It
An Art Website that Makes Money

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