Monday, October 30, 2006

Signage Site is Now Running!

The web-based version of the SBDC book "What's Your Signage?" is now up & running. It went live late last Friday. It can be found at

The site is a very compressed version of our 2004 book, and has two purposes. The first is to give small business owners a brief overview on the value of effective signs. Studies have shown that effective signage has a positive impact on sales.

The second purpose of the site is to match small business owners with a sign company near them. The site was developed with a lot of help from the International Sign Association, and they're also letting us use their member database.

Signage doesn't seem to elicit much of a response. It's not always something that is considered when our clients come to us, looking to improve their marketing reach. However, as a cost-effective & hard-working advertising mechanism for a business, it ought to be.

Our website would be just the tip of the iceberg for any of our clients when learning about signs. However, the site should make them more informed customers when finding someone who can design and install a sign that works best for their location & their line of business.

This site is available to businesses around the U.S. I plan on notifying SBDCs around the country about its existence, and about what it can do for their clients. Also, I'd like to perform a workshop on the subject at next year's staff training.

I hope to see you there, and hope that you visit the site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darren
Great site
We intend to make it part of our

Anonymous said...

Darren, Looks great. Clean and to the point. I highly anticipate your next project. What's your ?

J.M. De Jesus said...

I can't tell you how useful and relevant this blog is. Terrific! Keep up the good work.