Thursday, October 05, 2006


Challenges of Co-Packing
Food Product Design

R&D Management
By: Christine M. Homsey, Contributing Editor
April 1999

This article fleshes out the trials and tribulations for marketer and manufacturer, offering some advice on choosing an arrangement.

“Many factors need to be considered when signing a contract with a co-packer. For example, projected product volumes will influence how good a match a marketer and manufacturer will be. If a marketer has very low volumes or a single product to sell, many manufacturers will not want to bother. On rare occasions, co-packers turn away large volumes that would cause them to exceed their capacity or make them too dependent on one customer.”

Making Your Business Their Business
Is Contract Packaging The Right Fit For You?
By Mel Duvall
PMT: Packaging Machinery Technology

Sample Business Contracts
Here is a sample contract for a co-packing agreement:
Packaging Agreement between Hansen Beverage Company and U.S. Continental Packaging, Inc.

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