Thursday, November 30, 2006

and I quote...

Ok, so I have not felt inspired. But, today I was dealing with a request for copyright free quotes and this led me to a few sites of general interest. (Incidentally, many quotes are copyright free by nature – since so many of them are from historic personages, but the arrangement of those quotes in a given collection would be copyright protected.)

The usual suspects are:

The Quotations Page is a labor of love created and maintained by Michael Moncur and his wife Laura Moncur. They offer Quotes of the Day , Motivational Quotes of the Day and the usual search function by author and subject.

There is also

Wikiquote which further breaks categories down to those such as:
and Proverbs also has a Movie Quote page.

And for a laugh:
Things People Said which a collection of quotes from everyday people.

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