Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Small Business Book of Lists

The StreetWise Small Business Book of Lists: Hundreds of Lists to Help You reduce Costs, Increase Revenues, and Boost Your Profits.

The broad sections in this book are: Starting Up, High Finance, Where you Work, Day-to-Day, Your Taxes, The Geek Section, Your Customers & Prospects, and Your People.
That sounds like the usual rundown but each of these sections covers lists like:

  • Ways to Find Your Start-up’s Niche in the Market
  • Things to do Before Writing
  • Your Government Proposal
  • Most Common Home-Based Business Zoning Issues
  • Questions to Ask When Interviewing and Individual Accountant
  • Best Ways to Reduce Inventories
  • Popular Voice Mail Systems Popular CRM Vendors for Enterprises
  • Tips for creating Your Direct Mail List

Just another good source to add to our repetoire.

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