Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Arrivals: Books

Flecker, Cody.
Collect Your Money:

Fenix, Walter.
Cleaning Services Bid Estimation:

Hynes, William G.
Start & Run a Craft Business

Mcknight, Thomas
Will it Fly?

Louis, Louise
101 Home Based Businesses for Pet Lovers

Taylor, Don
Up Against the Wal-Marts

Levine, Mark L.
The Fine Print of Self-Publishing

Richards, René V.
Online Marketing Success Stories

Baourakis, George.
Marketing Trends for Organic Food in the 21st Century

Mitchell, Susan
American Generations

Stanberry, Scott
Federal Contracting Made Easy

Pressman, David
Patent it Yourself

Chain Store Guide
2006 Directory of Apparel Specialty Stores

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