Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BNET blogs

"A BNET reader recently asked our Where's the Line? writer (aka "Your Conscience") what she should do after unexpectedly finding an office-wide salary list. Her dilemma? She's making less than her peers. In The Danger of Salary Secrets, the Conscience advises her not to abuse the power. Would you be tempted?"

Of course, from the employers' point of view, one ought not to be leaving such information in the copier.

Another recent article is The Great Workplace Wiki Divide?, where it discusses the effect of a "younger generation of workers who embrace Web-based tools in a way that often confounds older workers."

I liked this recent intro:
"No matter how much companies rely on technology to get to the job done faster, managers can't forget the human factor. How employees are managed, motivated, and led can make all the difference in the world about how they feel when they walk in the door and when they shut down their PCs at the end of the day. These BNET resources will help you bring out the best in your staff -- whether it's through praising them for a job well done or allowing them to gripe to you (so they aren't complaining to everyone else in the break room)."

The BNET blogs make for interesting reading.

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