Monday, April 23, 2007

Survey: Small Business & Use of the Internet

One of the reasons as to why the Research Network decided recently to go all-digital can be found in the results of this survey. Wells Fargo & Gallup frequently conduct surveys of small business, with a specific emphasis lately on the role technology plays in a small business owner's management style.

As you can see, this is an attitudinal survey, asking business owners what they think might happen if Internet access went away, etc. Nonetheless, such attitudes are a driving force in how business owners conduct their operations.

I've handled a few recent requests where the client didn't have an email address. Since addresses can be obtained freely, I'm not sure why neither of them had one. Perhaps it's a reflection of a personal philosophy, or a sign of discomfort with certain technologies. However, perception is key, and surveys like this serve as guides as to what small business owners see as the expected norm in the American economy. It's been said many times before: Without so much as an email address, a business owner puts him- or herself at an immediate commercial disadvantage.

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