Monday, April 02, 2007

Email Madness!

As a librarian, I'm compelled to organize things by category. This includes emails, for which I have 90 categories in Outlook. Sheesh.

I don't like having too many emails in the Inbox. Those that reside in this main category are those that require something from me. Last week, I got it down to four. That's some kind of record.

Soon after, I read this story from the Online Wall Street Journal. Its subtitle spoke volumes to me: “Forget Spam -- It's Unnecessary Email That Makes Our Inboxes Runneth Over”.

Amen to that. The author has his tongue planted firmly in cheek (I love the idea of a "Withdraw" button), but there's truth beneath his satire. Read it - I'm sure you'll recognize others (but hopefully not yourself) in some of the suggestions he puts forth.

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