Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wise Guy

I like Entrepreneur magazine and I especially like Guy Kawasaki's column which I have mentioned here before. If you are a dabbler like myself, you will appreciate his succinct and friendly style. I am so behind in my reading that I was reading an older column and then a more recent one came to my attention, so they are both listed here:

Garnering Angels

"Sure, you may have ventured for VC, but raising angel capital takes a different kind of skill."

By Guy Kawasaki
Entrepreneur Magazine - January 2008

Explains about angel investors - what motivates them and how seeking an angel is different from looking for venture capital.

Another angel investor article on Entrepreneur's site, focuses in particular on an angel network that helps women-owned businesses.
Send me an Angel
Can you get angel funding to expand your company?

By Aliza Sherman
Entrepreneur Magazine - October 2007

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