Thursday, January 24, 2008

Worthwhile Inventions

I sometimes get the impression that our advisors are less than inspired by some of the inventors they meet. It does seem that inventors are so taken with their idea they have not actually stopped to see if anyone else has done it. This always amazes us - but also we do see some odd but interesting ideas. It is hard to imagine them in the world.

Today I was reading an article in the most recent issue of Inc. Magazine (Feb 2008) by Joel Spolsky called "Inspired Misfires: Why the most important innovations are often those that appear to be fatally flawed" which goes into some of the hallmarks of truly original idea. He says it's easy to buy into some ideas precisely because they exist already. The hard to imagine ones are - new.

Time Magazine
Invention of the Year 2007
A review of all the wacky and wonderful products that have come out in the past year.

And then this morning, a friend sent me an email with this list of nifty products.

I try to keep an open mind - and remain impressed by all the stuff people come up with and have the energy to promote.

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