Friday, February 01, 2008


I was born in Massachusetts, and about 90% of my extended family still lives there. They live for the Patriots, and are just living the dream right now.

I recently married a fan of the Giants, who comes from a family filled with like-minded souls. They, too, are feeling good about life.

You can see, then, how selecting my rooting interest in the Super Bowl on Sunday can be complicated. It's a classic dilemma - not forgetting my roots, or knowing that cheering against the wife can result in a long, cold winter of sleeping in the garage.

I sought help from the people here at the central office for the New York (note emphasis) SBDC. Here's what they say will happen:

Al NY 28 NE 24
Roger NY 24 NE 17
Amelia NY 24 NE 21
Tammy NY 27 NE 24
Mary NY 24 NE 21
Jim NY 35 NE 31
Andy NE 27 NY 17
Cheryl NE 31 NY 21
Jinshui NY 28 NE 27
(he says “it’ll be close” – I made up a score for him)
(who's not here today - but she signed an email recently with "Go Patriots")

Fran & Josée left before I could ask.

Brian is a Bills fan (“The Only Football Team in New York”). He wants them to win.

That doesn't help me. I find it remarkable that a team from the largest market in the country is portrayed as the lovable underdog, while the team from the Boston area (a place not known for an abundance of confidence) plays the villain.

The heart says the Giants. The head says the Patriots. As a reference librarian, I tend to trust my head.

Patriots 35, Giants 17. Let the grief begin.


Roger Green said...

No WAY the G-men's D gives up five TDs! Of course, there are those special teams...

Darrin Conroy said...

And they didn't. Clearly, I don't know what I'm talking about.