Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Josee noticed today that you can see her house on Google maps. Not just the roof as captured by satellite – it's the front door and the recently trimmed shrub. Mine’s on there too (apparently I wasn’t home, my car isn’t on the street). In fact, there are now street level views of most of the Capital Region.

To check it out yourself, go to Google Maps, and click on the “Street View” button. Areas where street view is available will appear in blue.

So far it looks like they’ve only captured the Capital Region and NYC, but stay tuned, and I bet many of your front doors will show up soon.

In related news, GIS fans will have some new data sets to check out. Layers depicting neighborhood “boundaries” are the latest and greatest in geographic information systems. Although neighborhood boundaries are frequently fuzzy, in many cases this information has been gathered from local real estate experts, and areas are allowed to overlap. Read more here: Neighborhood Boundaries: The Next Big Thing in Geographic Data.

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Roger Green said...

Yup, my house is there. And my wife is apparently not home - no car. I always thought the rooftop shots were a little spooky; this is even moreso.