Thursday, February 14, 2008

Copy Cats & The Originals

It sounds like a band but they are two slide shows available at

The first is a look at knock-offs of first class designs. It is interesting that in some cases it looks as though the copiers are trying to maintain the slightest difference in the design. Some things like the quality of materials/finshes etc were not duplicated but some things that would seem to be easily copied - size and shape - were not and I wonder if it is to differentiate from the original.

Plagiarius Award 2008
Award Winning Fakes
At the world's largest annual consumer goods fair, organization Aktion Plagiarius shames makers of knockoffs by singling them out
By Jessie Scanlon

The second slideshow is the originals: designers who have developed green-er products - often very pretty ones.

Green Design
Hot Green Products
Apple's new MacBook Air makes an impressive eco-conscious statement—as does an array of other recent items ranging from flashlights to diapers
By Paula Lehman

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Roger Green said...

You may already know this, but there WAS a Motown singing group called The Originals. They had two Top 20 hits in 1970: Baby, I'm For Real and The Bells.