Thursday, March 13, 2008

Business Networking

For those of your clients who would like to make and maintain contact within their industry but may feel a bit out of place in Facebook or MySpace, the social network arena still appears to be narrowing to a few main players. As much as people who write about these products often make it sound like there is only one reasonable choice: theirs; I'll be interested to see what lasts in the long run and becomes the standard. Will it play out that this is something we really need or will social network sites never replace the usual ways we keep in touch and make new contacts? It seems that whatever social networking program used has to come out of email. It seems silly to me to have to read my email to tell me to go to Facebook to read the message. What for? It has to be integrated - I have enough stuff to check up on with multiple email addresses. I was not aware of VisiblePath but now it sounds like a good solution.

Jigsaw is an online directory of business people who offer their complete contact details and in exchange for the contacts they add, will have access to any other contacts in the database. Users can also pay a fee to have access without needing to add names but then are limited to 25 names a month. they have levels of membership with varying access levels.


Allows users to build their network of contacts and in turn make introductions. This seems to be used for business only at least by the people I know who are on there.

Here's an article about LinkedIn
How LinkedIn Broke Through


A similar site for hooking up with othe prrofessionals but I've read there are some compatability issues for Mac users but also is supposed to have good security.

Visible Path
VisiblePath is supposed to use the tools you already use to illustrate who your true connections are and their proximity to one another.

VisiblePath Is A Lot Like LinkedIn, Except It’s Useful

Will Email Really Be the Next Social Network?

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