Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Grab Bag

I'm not sure that any of the following items are worthy of their own blog postings, so today, they will share.

Interesting bits:

Vancouver’s Used Street Banners Transform to Shopping Bags
Reusable bags and totes are hot. So why not make good use of old marketing banners, and get extra revenue and exposure?

Most Searchers Have Two Words for Google
"Internet users who type two words for on a search engine query account for 31.9 percent of searches worldwide. Three-word phrases are used for 27 percent of searches. A single word accounts for 15.2 percent of queries, and four words are used for 14.8 percent of searches. "

Best Geek Hotels in the World 2.0
These places have some pretty neat toys - entire floors devoted to video gaming, Segway riding employees, and even the perfect setting for reinacting scenes from "The Matrix" (careful kids!)

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