Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Books in the Collection

The Bed & Breakfast/Country Inns
Industry Study of Operations and Finance 2007-2008
Professional Association of Innkeepers International

Table of Contents
About the Study
Glossary of Terms
Chart of Accounts
Bed & Breakfast Inns
Inns and Innkeepers - industry study (2006 data)
Bed & Breakfast Inn Amenities
Bed & Breakfast Inn Occupancy & ADR
Bed & Breakfast Inn Employees
Bed & Breakfast inn - Income Statements
Country Inns
Inns & Innkeepers - industry study
Country Inn Amenities
Country Inn Occupancy & Avergae Rate
Country Inn Restaurants
Country Inn Employees
Counutry Inn - Income Statements

Capital Expenditures
Renovation Cost

Business of Art
An Artist's Guide to Profitable Self-Employment

Table of Contents
Center for Cultural Innovation
Chapter 1: Work Like an Artist, Think Like an Entrepreneur
Chapter 2: Getting the Most Out of the Public Relations
Chapter 3: Managing Money and Financial Planning
Chapter 4: LAW is Not a Four-Letter Word
Chapter 5: I've Written My Business Plan. Now Where's the Money?
General Resources
About the Authors
About CCI

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