Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trends in Trends

How do you spot trends? What do you do about trends once they've been spotted? How will the financial crisis affect these trends and impact your business ? (For more answers to the latter, also check out this post from Alexis.)

These are just some of the issues addresses in it's November briefing. A few weeks ago they asked readers to send in their questions, and they've set about to answer 15 of them.

Among other things, they link to their trend watching tips, and their checklist of trendwatching tools, as well as updating some recently spotted trends in the face of our current economic situation. Some of their updated trend predictions: Indulgences? Big ones are out, small ones are in. Free stuff? People like free stuff, but advertising-supported businesses may suffer. Eco-chic? Look to "eco-cheap," efficiency and waste-reduction.

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