Friday, October 17, 2008

Series on Small Business

Yesterday, the New York Times began a series that will focus on six individual small businesses in the New York City area, and how each of them is dealing with the current economic situation.

Here's their introduction:

"A butcher’s longtime customers stop paying their bills. A building contractor has half as many jobs as he did a year ago. A restaurant owner considers sharing space to stay afloat. Steadily, inexorably, the fallout from Wall Street’s layoffs and the credit crisis is trickling down to small businesses across the region. Over the coming months, The New York Times will track six of those businesses to see how they are weathering the economic storm."

Give it a read. Recognize what these people are saying?

By the way, in the past month, emails have been sent out from the Association of SBDCs, soliciting client stories on behalf of journalists from the Times, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal on issues currently being faced by small business owners. I'm not sure if any of the businesses profiled in this Times article came from that inquiry, but it's interesting how the community of SBDC advisors have become, more and more, a go-to source for the media.

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