Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Google recently launched an application, Latitude, that tracks users’ location using GPS and cell-tower triangulation. "Latitude" is an opt-in application meaning users can choose to share their geographic location with friends. This application broadcasts the users’ location but is equipped with "fine-grained privacy controls" built into the application that allow the user to control how precise the location they broadcast is. The location can be as specific as available through "Latitude's GPS and cell-tower triangulation technologies" or as broad as city-level. Users can also control who is allowed to view their location by limiting the audience to a circle of friends or a specific person. Is this creepy or is it another way to minimize geographic distance and provide another avenue for information?

Google Latitude video

- Amy Peker


Anonymous said...

Another example of Big Brother 1984ism keeping track of individuals. Why would anyone opt in so they can be tracked?

Anonymous said...

A parent may want to monitor their child's location this way.

Mary Hoffman said...

It might also be a safety tool -if you can choose to turn it on and off. If you're going someplace or meeting someone and you're not comfortable, you might tell some friends so they can keep tabs on your location - to keep track of you, and possibly to have something to tell the police if you disappear.