Friday, March 20, 2009

New York State Contract Reporter

Many thanks to the people at the Farmingdale SBDC, who passed on information earlier today that free access is available online to the New York State Contract Reporter, "your official source for New York State contracting opportunities". Access is being given to all the SBDCs around the state, as well as to businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

The Farmingdale office received an email from a woman affiliated with the NYSCR. Here's the text:

"I am pleased to inform you that today, Governor Paterson in conjuction with our Commissioner Marisa Lago, announced that all NYS SBDC centers will be entitled to free access to the NYSCR as well as to NYS businesses that employ 10 or fewer persons.

Please log onto the site at: and take out a free trial subscription. (Click on the "30 Day Trial" link under the heading "Public Links"). You will need to accept the terms, complete the form and submit to the NYSCR system. You will receive an email back with a link that you will have to click on to activate your account; sometimes vigilant spamware sequesters this system generated mail to your junkmail so watch for it.

After that, click on the 'Contact Us" on the site and in the message box explain who you are, that you took a free trial and would like to receive continued free access to the NYSCR system. We will amend your account to allow that.

The new system scheduled for launch in 2010 will allow free access to all, along with other changes."

We've been asked before whether the library had subscribed to this publication. We used to, but found it to be more effective if the client who had intent on being a frequent bidder for state contracts would subscribe on their own. Now, those businesses with fewer than 10 employees can do just that.

This is very cool. Thanks to the folks who made this happen!

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Darrin Conroy said...

According to an Empire State Development press release from Friday, 3/20, access to the Contract Reporter will be free for only one year: