Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picking a Location

We are asked with some regularity for information to assist small businesses trying to choose a good location for their business. The tools we typically use are the Demographics Now product which offer a numebr of reports and a pre-set packet they call the Business Location Summary Report which consists of:
  • Business
  • Demographic Snapshot Charts
  • Executive Demographic
  • Average Household Net Worth
  • Median Household Income
We may also include data and maps from the Deaprtment of Transportation's Traffic Data Viewer ( for a traffic study for the county in question.

There are also other sources for checklists and general guidance for choosing a location from some popular bsuiness information sites including one that will allow you to look up prices for commerical property by zip code.

SBA Small Business Planner
Pick a Location
This guide lays out the various new business owners face with a main one being where to locate.
Choosing a Successful Location for Your Business
Select a business space that suits your company's needs.
Guide to Picking a Location for Your Business
Drive traffic and fuel growth with the right real estate
By Matt Alderton

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