Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook for Business

Facebook is not just a virtual community for friends; it has evolved into a networking utility for businesses and professionals. Today, there are over 175 million active users on Facebook with the fastest growing group of users those 30 years and older. College graduates and young professionals, the original target audience of Facebook when it launched in 2004, are now using the site to foster professional growth. Should your business create a Facebook Page and join this growing online community? Below are some thoughts about businesses on Facebook:

Ten Reasons to Use Facebook for Business
Facebook caters to a diverse audience including professionals and businesses. It is a free online tool to facilitate networking with professionals and businesses.

30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook
This blog provides a list of the applications available on Facebook and how businesses may be able to use the applications for their business needs.

Should your business be on Facebook?
“The secret is creating compelling content that offers something to an online community.” (Kathleen O’Connor)

Facebook Pages Get More Business Friendly
This blog addresses some of the useful improvements that came with the recent interface change.

Why Facebook and Business Networking Go Hand In Hand
Ignoring Facebook may compromise the competitive edge of a business. Are your competitors, partners, and/or audience on Facebook?

Create a Facebook Page!

-Amy Peker

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