Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Advertising ROI

Wondering what kind of advertising will give you the most bang for your buck? Of course there’s no magic formula, but the following resources can help you compare advertising media and choose which is right for your next campaign. Keep in mind that several of these resources come from industry trade groups with an interest in promoting their medium.

Media CMP Comparison (from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America) Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of television, cable television, radio, newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, direct mail and the internet.

Radio Advertising Bureau: Media FactsRAB's new Competitive Media section gives you complete access to the latest information profiling 10 competitive media. Each profile contains a complete whitepaper as well as the advantages, disadvantages and plus Radio for each medium.”

Radio’s ROI Advantage (2005 – From the Radio Ad Lab)
A comparison of television and radio ROI.

Making Better Media Decisions (Advertising Research Foundation)
The report is designed “to encourage media planners and buyers to use explicit estimates of performance in choosing media, replacing feelings, last year’s plan or common practice with measurements. In short, its goal is to advise advertisers and their agencies on what measurements to use to make better media decisions.

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