Thursday, April 16, 2009

!&$#@&% Retail Buyers!

Why are retail buyers as hard to locate as secret service agents? We have a shiny (and fairly new) directory of stores that promises buyer listings for a wide range of stores in the US which it only partially succeeds in providing. Even a 2009 edition has listings already out of date since apparently no-one stays in these positions for very long. Isn't this position comparable to an editor at a publishing house? I am sure editors are hounded by barely literate "authors" but still we can learn their names. Why not buyers? They must trust themselves very well to be on the cutting edge to catch wind of any trend on their own, not to want to be contacted by the young and innovative. It makes sense to me then why retail departments don't seem to change very much.

The Chain Store Guide has apparently responded to user demand by creating an online version of their directory that updates weekly. Obviously I am not alone in my frustration.

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Aaron deOliveira said...

Have you gotten any better at finding the appropriate retail buyer? I'm finding the same problems you discussed in this post. Please let me know. email: