Friday, April 17, 2009

A little help from our (technological) friends

Idea of the week: digital babysitters.

It’s time we used technology to protect us from ourselves. Ever heard of drunk dialing? Know anyone who has made a call or sent a message when they really should have held back? Forgive my Apple commercial reference, but now, there’s an app for that.

I heard a piece on the radio this morning from American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report on this very subject. One ingenious entrepreneur is selling a popular iPod application that prevents you from calling particular contacts during a period where you might be… out of it. And this product is not alone – Google’s “Mail Goggles” will ask you to complete math problems before allowing you to send a late-night email!

Listen to or read the story here: "Technology can save you from yourself"

And what about things that you should do? Email reminders are nothing new, but how about getting a message when the moisture content of your houseplant’s soil is too low? Yup, Botanicals will let you know when your plants are thirsty.

So what will they think of next? I like it when technology makes our lives easier in little ways.