Friday, October 30, 2009

Energy Efficient Business

A recent article in the Albany Business Review brought to my attention an important program available through National Grid, the core business of transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas to customers in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Small Business Program was designed for business customers with an average demand use of 200 kilowatts or less (or 40,300 kilowatt-hours or less) per month, National Grid can help you reduce your company's energy costs by installing energy efficient equipment.

•National Grid can provide a free energy audit and report of recommended energy efficiency improvements
•National Grid will pay 70% of the cost of the installation of energy efficient equipment and you can finance the remaining 30% interest free for up to 24 months.
•Cost-cutting, energy efficient equipment available through this program include:

◦Lighting Upgrades
◦Energy Efficient Time Clocks
◦Photo Cells For Outdoor Lighting
◦Occupancy Sensors
◦Programmable Thermostats
◦Walk-in Cooler Measures

Long Island Power Authority's Commercial Construction Program was created with the needs of Long Island businesses such as yours in mind. Lower operating costs and increased efficiency offer savings, a key component to success on Long Island. LIPA’s incentives help to lower the cost of purchasing energy-efficient measures. There are three paths in the Commercial Efficiency program; each one designed to fit the needs of a particular customer.

•Prescriptive Approach - Offers incentives for choosing equipment from a pre-qualified list of energy-efficient measures.
•Custom Approach - Provides technical assistance, incentives and the flexibility to choose unique measures not on the Prescriptive list.
•Whole Building Design Approach - A comprehensive approach in which you, your building design team and LIPA-supported experts work together, from concept to completion, to develop an energy efficiency plan specially designed for your entire building.
•Not-For-Profit Organizations - In addition to the offerings listed above, there are additional incentives for qualifying Not-for-Profits.

Wherever you are in New York State, make sure you contact your local power provider regarding these incredible financial incentives for creating a more energy-efficient business.

For more information:

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Sam Ellis said...

We have seen most of the Energy efficiency firms nyc opting for regular Energy Audits that has helped them control the major expenses.