Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Business Trends

It's a new year and although I am not a psychic or business expert, I am predicting a prosperous and successful year for small businesses. Of course, not everyone agrees with me but I like my predictions more. The articles below will give you information on what business opportunities the real "experts" are saying will be hot for the coming year.

10 Hot Business Opportunities for 2010 - Anything "Green" is hot right now. Also pay attention to health, seniors, and education.

Franchise Trends: The leading franchise categories poised for growth in the coming year. - The franchise trends follow the business trends above, with "Green" being one of the fastest growing franchise categories.

2010 Trends: 10 (and 1/2) trends to watch. - Further reiteration of the power of "Green" in the new year.

And for a little leisurely reading...

How to Be Happier in 2010 - It's easy to do. Just give away more money, be happy with less, and indulge occassionally.

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