Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tax Season

I am already thinking about tax season and wanted to point out a couple of sources:

How to Reduce Your Small Business Tax Bill
A look at helpful year-end tax tips, advice on making smart elections, and good tax resources for the small business owner.
By Elizabeth Wasserman
Inc. Dec 1, 2009

Of course, the IRS has the Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center.
This page within the IRS site covers highlights and law changes as well frequently asked questions, forms, and workshops like the one for distinguishing betweeen an employee and an independent contractor.
There is also a link to SBTV, and online TV network:
is a television network on the Web devoted exclusively to providing engaging streaming video content to small businesses. It provides technical information on how to run your business, inspirational stories from entrepreneurs across the country, information about small business conferences and events, and resources to help solve day-to-day business challenges.

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