Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where Are Small Businesses Spending Their Marketing Budgets?

Based on responses to a survey, local media spend in the US is forecasted to hit $149.4B in 2015 with $37.9B of that being online/digital.

Local search is forecasted to hit $9.1B by 2015 – up from $5.1B in 2010.

The percentage of ad budget spent online continues to sit around 25%.

Businesses that are between 4-6 years old spend 33% of their budget on online advertising.

Businesses that are less than 3 years old spend 38%.

40% have a Facebook page, 14% have a blog, 14% use twitter, and 10% have YouTube videos.

22% intend to create a YouTube video in the next 12 months!

Those siting the importance of online ratings and reviews rose from 42% to 54% since last year.

Over 50% are buying online advertising on their own – though sometimes with assistance.

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