Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Kickstarter Campaign

From Entrepreneur magazine.

In June of 2012, I launched my first Kickstarter campaign for a previous startup I was involved in -- iPad-case company Origami Slate. Though we reached our goal, there were a lot of hurdles we went through to accomplish our success – everything from dealing with late manufacturers, crabby customers and being clueless on shipping.

These struggles inspired me to launch my latest venture BackersHub, a startup that provides tools for crowdfunding-campaign creators. While our company helps provide support for crowdfunding campaigns by assisting in managing various elements, like rewards, shipping and marketing, we realize creators are going to need a roadmap for launching a successful campaign.

Here are our top tips for executing a stellar campaign from 10 Kickstarter campaign creators.
Kickstarter Basics: Kickstarter 101.

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