Monday, August 31, 2015

Employee Development a Weakness in Many Nonprofits

As we prepare to move office, I came across a set of booklets we have. They are from BoardSource and they cover topics such as Structures and Practices of Non-Profit Boards and Ten Basic Responsibilities of Non-Profit Boards. I went looking for current editions of these works and discovered this article:
The BridgeSpan Group surveys non-profit organizations to help them get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses. When they surveyed 131 non-profits, what they discovered was that for all their strengths, they were falling behind in other areas.
The average score across all statements is 2.92. Overall nonprofit organizations exhibit important strengths: leadership’s vision, having skilled and effective staff, and having an inspiring culture that promotes values and produces results. However, those very strengths are often undermined by what they consider to be their organizational weaknesses, which include their nonprofits’ ability to develop and build staff skills over time.
The BridgeSpan Group 

So, they claim they feel their staff are "skilled and effective" but haven't and have no plans to develop them. You can see the full article at the The Bridgespan Group site.

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