Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Real Reason Your Employer Should Pay You More

Most of us aren't that engaged at work, as it turns out. Even a few years ago, we were wasting tens of billions in wasted meetings and unnecessary distractions at work. Today, some survey takers admit to wasting up to half the day on non-work-related distractions.

If that's you, you may just be a bad employee — and admitting that is the first step. For the rest of us, those that are wasting a paltry 30 minutes or so, who feel generally disengaged, the solution may seem a lot more superficial: you're underpaid.

This is a major shift from the sentiments of yesteryear, when boomers could pride in barely having two nickels to rub together but still work their way up to a leadership role. Today's reality is that while the economy has made strides toward recovery, wage growth over the last generation has taken a prolonged coffee break.

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