Thursday, February 04, 2016

Create Success: 5 Proven Steps To Achieving Your Business Goals Now

You know the feeling: You’re motivated, excited and focused as you work toward your dream. Then, life happens.

The initial excitement you felt fades away. You want more traffic for your blog or website, but it becomes harder and harder to make yourself sit down and write.

You find yourself creating excuses. Days and then weeks go by. Those ambitious goals you dreamed up are nothing but far-off fantasies dancing around in your head.

You feel guilty for not following through, and you say to yourself:

-I’ll never be able to stick to my goals.
-I don’t push myself hard enough.
-I need to stop being so lazy.
-I’m a failure.

But, I have great news for you: Your dreams don’t have to fizzle out like a defective Fourth of July firecracker.

In this post, you’ll learn:
-Why getting crystal clear about your goals will amplify your results
-How to achieve goals by measuring your progress to stay on track
-How to break goals down into smaller, manageable chunks (so you don’t feel overwhelmed)
-How to prepare like a pro for inevitable setbacks that could derail you
-Three word-for-word scripts that you can use to find an accountability partner
-A quick step-by-step action plan that you can implement today to start reaching your goals
-Here are three steps for creating goals that matter to you:

Step 1: Use This Secret to Craft Great Goals

Determining the outcome you want to achieve is the first step. An outcome goal is the end result, and it sets your direction. When thinking about your outcome goal, it’s extremely important to be crystal clear about what you want to achieve. And as a rule of thumb, you should know these two facts:

Vague goals will get you mediocre results. Specific goals will get you amplified results. Why? Because vague goals aren’t goals; they’re wishes.

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