Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting Better at What You Do

There are so many options these days for learning opportunities, often for free. I have only listened or viewed a couple of these in the past but today checked out a course that our clients would be invaluable to a lot of our clients, in particular tech clients. I was searching for a podcast for training people on how to sell. A course on iTunes U that jumped out to me is How to Start a Startup by Sam Altman. It's free! There are over 40 lessons, some video-based units and some podcasts. I jumped to the unit on Sales & Marketing: How to Talk to Investors. It concisely works through the steps of what questions an entrepreneur needs to be able to answer. What to say, when to shut up, and what attitude to you need to be successful. This was a section that I thought would be very interesting for businesses starting out and trying to get funding. Other interesting units are on how to manage, hiring, accounting, and simply "building product and talking to users".

There is something on just about anything you want to learn and the format is easily fit into a busy schedule. Like Coursera, most of these courses are offered by known schools and universities you will recognize and are stand-alone or supplement campus study. If your client (or you ) need a refresher on just about any topic, consider an online course.

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