Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Small Business Success Story - GIG Computers, Inc.

Each year the New York Small Business Development Center recognizes outstanding small businesses in a variety of ways.  This Success Story from the Queens-LaGuardia SBDC appears in our 2016 Annual Report

Tony Yang 
GIG Computers, Inc.
Queens-LaGuardia SBDC

Tony Yang started Gig Computers, Inc. from his dorm room while attending the University at Albany in 1995. Gig provides premium IT consulting service in upstate New York, including computer networking, VOIP phone systems, and data center solutions. He initially applied for a loan with NYBDC, who referred Tony to the LaGuardia SBDC for assistance with the financial projections. Business Advisor Rosa Figueroa prepared the financial projections that helped Tony obtain a $150,000 SBA guarantee loan to purchase equipment and expand the business to NYC. The loan enabled Tony to create four jobs and save six others. 
The challenge was to secure a location for Gig Computers at a reasonable price. Rosa suggested NYDesigns, which since the company would be new to NYC, would give them the opportunity to land at an affordable location. Initially, Tony was informed that he would not qualify because he was already in business. Rosa advocated for Tony, arguing that he is new to NYC and would need time to acquaint himself with the business environment. 
Ultimately Tony and his business were given a spot at the NYDesigns business incubator and will sign the required lease to expand the business to NYC. In addition to the expansion to NYC, Gig is also expanding in Albany with the purchase of property that will enable the hiring of additional staff within the next six months. “I want to thank the SBDC for all of their assistance in helping me obtaining the loan through the NYBDC,” says Tony, “This will help us sustain our business.”

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