Thursday, July 14, 2005

Free Home Sales Alert by ZIP Code

At a librarian conference in June, I learned about this free service from MelissaData. Go to the Free Home Sales Alert by ZIP Code page. Sign up to receive a weekly email with the home sales in a ZIP Code for the previous 7 days. You'll get information on the sales price, street and date the sale was recorded. You must be a registered user to take advantage of this service.

The Lookups section of MelissaData has lots of other free services (up to a daily limit) including:
  • Campaign Contributors - Contributors to federal campaigns by ZIP Code
  • Climate Averages - Monthly low, average and high temperatures by ZIP Code
  • ZIP Codes in a County - List of ZIP Codes in any county in the United States
  • Fatal Accidents - Number of fatal vehicle accidents by county
  • People Finder-Locate anyone nationwide. Search public records.

Try it out for yourself and post a comment when you do.

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