Tuesday, July 12, 2005

That's Entertainment

Here are some recreational and entertainment sites to check out. While some of them (notably SGMA) sell a lot of material, there is something of use, and FREE, to recommend the site.

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has a number of expensive reports, but the Sports Participation Topline Report, delineating how many play various sports, is free.

Clients seeking to compete with the big music chains should check out the site of The Coalition of Independent Music Stores.

Speaking of music, there are great demographic statistics at the Recording Industry Association of America webpage.

Paul Rapp is a lawyer dealing with intellectual property issues, especially in the areas of art and music. He was also the drummer in the legendary Albany band Blotto. He's put out a series of articles about copyright myths, trademark infringement, work for hire, fair use and similar topics.

If you fill out the form on the Motion Picture Association of America website, you will be sent a lengthy PDF with information about movie viewing, DVD and video usage, and other entertainment statistics.

The Toy Industry of America is heavily involved with the annual Toy Fair in Manhattan. The association also has useful information, especially in the articles section.

Finally, there are questions that the Research Network gets, and I have no idea what the advisor is talking about. Quite often, I go to How Stuff Works and search. I can find out what an A&R person does in the music industry, how a compact disc is made, even how the Batmobile works.

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