Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hiring and Keeping Good People

Apparently more than 60% of small business owners feel that finding and retaining qualified staff is their number one problem. I poked around and found a few articles and books that summarize some of the issues and offer a few suggestions.

Drive a Modest Car & 16 Other Keys to Small Business Success
By Ralph E. Warner
Nolo Press
Suggests researching what similar jobs pay in your area, particularly those with lowest pay, “if you don’t, these penny-conscious employees are sure to feel slighted, and you’ll quickly lose the most efficient ones.” Warner also suggests looking at workers with comparable skills within your own organization; pay should reflect the level of skill and responsibility of the person in the job. Consistency and fairness will encourage loyalty and trust.

Great Salespeople Aren't Born, They're Hired: The Secrets To Hiring Top Sales Professionals
by Joe Miller, Patrick Longo(Editor)
Demonstrates how to narrow choices among a variety of styles of salesperson, and avoid pitfalls. “Unearth the dirty secrets of the mediocre recruiter’s usual M.O. and master effective interview techniques through extensive real-life examples, role-plays, and step-by-step instruction.”

Hiring & Firing - Hiring Top Performers
"If you're trying to achieve excellent levels of performance in your organization, it's going to be a lot easier if you hire terrific people in the first place."

This article offers some tips on how to advertise, phone interviewing, and sorting through resumes and how to learn as much about an applicant as you can to ensure a good hire.

Hiring Top Sales Talent
Quick and dirty tips on making decisions about applicants and their potential as sales staff.

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