Monday, October 17, 2005

Venture Capital Research

Once in a while, we'll get inquiries as to the names of venture capitalist firms that might be a potential source of financing for certain clients. To find them, we utilize a CD-ROM titled "Galante's Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory". It provides descriptions of thousands of VC firms either headquartered or with branch offices here in the U.S.

All CD-ROMs in our collection have their own quirks, requiring us to know their unique whims in order to get the most out of them. This one is no different.

Should you require such a search, it would be helpful for us to know the answers to as many of the following as possible:
  • The funding stage at which the company is currently. In other words, does it need seed money, or is it a startup, or is it still in research & development?
  • For what industry is the business seeking the funding? Galante's has 31 broad industry categories, including "Transportation," or "Medical Devices," or "Food Services/Products," and others.
  • The amount of funding being sought. Several firms indicate a minimum and maximum amount that they'll consider investing.

Usually, we'll limit for you those firms whose territory includes New York State. If that restricts the results too much, we'll expand the search to include a wider geography.

When we get the results, we'll print out more detailed descriptions for each firm. Unfortunately, this resource doesn't allow for exporting results electronically. Hopefully, future versions will allow this.

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