Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Average length of website user sessions

Among the tools librarians use are...OTHER LIBRARIANS. A librarian posted the query above, and several librarians - including yours truly - came up with some nifty solutions. Here, with her permission, is the summary:

Several people recommended Nielsen and one person mentioned Comscore. Comscore is the chief competitor of NetRatings.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project was another recommended source.

Cyber Alert was recommended as a good source for information on web analytics and definitions of web stats.

ClickZ was recommended as a great source for the definition of a web user and related information & definitions.
Also, remember the bad old days when someone was quick or smart enough to register a company name before that company did, forcing the latter to buy back its own name - at exorbitant rates - for the URL? I've gotten an occasional request to find out how to do that! Well, tell your clients this: DON'T. It's called cybersquatting, and there is federal legislation against it.

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