Friday, January 05, 2007

More on the “Ask a Question” feature…

I hope that most of you have seen the new “Ask a Question” feature on the revised website (if you missed it, click here. )
There are a couple things I want to clarify, just in case you happen to be the happy recipient of a question from the outside world.

This feature generates several emails after the question is submitted. After the questioner chooses their county (and we’re coming up with a way to allow counties served by multiple centers to have an additional choice of center), they receive a confirmation email, I receive a copy of the question (as the webmaster), and the center receives the question. All of these emails come from an imaginary email address, The email to the questioner specifies not to reply to this address, as it is imaginary and no one reads these messages.

This bit of information is also important to the lucky advisor answering the question. Don’t reply to, reply to the questioner, whose email is listed within the body of the message.

How you answer the question is up to you. You are more than welcome to share a few nifty bits of advice and invite the questioner to make an appointment at your center. Some of us also have a dream of creating our own collection of questions and answers that we could publish on the home page. Time will tell. Until then, thanks for your patience, ideas, and your mad question-answering skills.

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